Brown Derby Shoes

What Are Derby Shoes?

Derby Shoes are a classic, casual shoes similar to an Oxford, but with an open lacing system.

Cork Wedges

What Are Wedge Shoes?

Wedge shoes have a sole that forms a wedge shape, extending from front to back with a raised heel that serves as both the heel and sole.

Men's Spectator Shoe

What Are Spectator Shoes?

The spectator shoe is designed from two separate colors, normally having the toe and heel cap in a darker color than the main body of the shoe.

Brown Wingtip Oxfords

What Are Oxford Shoes?

As the most classic type of men’s dress shoes, Oxford Shoes have closed lacing, low heels and side tabs throughout casual, uniform and formal designs.

black leather chelsea boots

What Are Chelsea Boots?

The Chelsea boot is a practical and versatile style featuring distinctive elastic side panels and a convenient pull tab at the heel.

different types of high heels

40 Different Types of High Heels

From heel type, material, and support, knowing how heels differ from one another will enable you to pick the right pair for your next outing. Let’s take a look at 40 types of high heels every gal should know.

Peshawari Chappal

What Are Peshawari Chappal Shoes?

Peshawari chappals are traditional Pakistan footwear. They feature a semi closed construction with two wide straps that overlap one another and connect at the sole of the shoe.

Hessian Boots

What Are Hessian Boots?

Hessian boots are a type of military riding boots made from polished leather and decorated with ornamental tassels.

Red coral kitten heel

What is a Kitten Heel?

Kitten heels have a short, stiletto heel that is usually 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches in length and tapered at the top.