7 Best Camping Shoes for Women

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Comfort is key when you’re at a campground. Without the creature comforts of home at your disposal, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for your adventure with supportive and durable footwear that’s lightweight and breathable.

The ideal camping shoes for women will make it easy to walk around the campsite without causing issues like sogginess or soreness. Bonus points if you can find a pair that’s easy to put on and take off. Here are eight of our top picks for your upcoming camping trip.

What to Look for in Camping Shoes

Keep in mind that camping shoes aren’t the same as hiking shoes. Sure, that may mean you’ve got to pack another pair along, but it’s worth it for the comfort they provide when you aren’t negotiating tricky trails and wandering unfamiliar footpaths.

At a bare minimum, your camp shoes should be flexible and promote adequate air circulation. Hiking can take its toll on your feet, so that breathability will help them cool off before you pull on a pair of toasty socks for the night.

Comfortable materials are also key, especially when your feet are encased in stable and rigid hiking shoes for the better part of the day. Quality construction will bring relief to tired feet.

A waterproof shoe is preferred if you’re going to be near lakes and rivers, but your choice will ultimately depend on your camp location. The less likely they are to get soggy, the less weighed down you’ll be when you’re on the move.

That’s also why a lighter weight shoe is an ideal option—aim for something no heavier than about 12 ounces. Finally, opt for simple closing mechanisms. Forget the complicated laces and stick with slip-on or single-strap shoes.

The Best Options

1. Teva ReEmber Mid

Teva ReEmber Mid Women's camping slippers

Chilly nights by the campfire call for a pair of Teva ReEmber Mids. Perfect for downtime during an otherwise busy adventure, they feature a 100% recycled adventure-ready ripstop upper inspired by classic outdoor gear. Made with the same types of materials as other camping essentials, like tents and sleeping bags, these mid-profile slip-ons are breathable, promoting an airy feel and dryness that lasts. Soft cushioning is key when you’re padding around the campsite.


  • Minimum of 20 percent recycled content
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Easy to wear with slip-on styling
  • Plush textile interior feels blanket-soft


  • Limited color options
  • Extra-fine ridges in rubber outsole may pick up more debris

2. Crocs Classic Clogs

Women's classic clogs

Highly regarded as an excellent camping shoe, Crocs Classic Clogs are the ones to get if you don’t want to think too much about your choice. The ever-reliable clog is known for its functionality, and while it’s largely a garden shoe, it makes a fitting choice for the campground, too. This pair in particular is destined to keep you cozy thanks to its faux fur lining. A heel strap keeps the shoe in place when you’re on the move.


  • Plush faux fur lining adds comfort
  • Breathable upper promotes circulation
  • Heel straps offer a great fit


  • Lining is not detachable
  • Tricky to clean

3. Keen Rose Sandal

Keen Rose sandal

In a warm environment, a pair of Keen Rose Sandals checks all of the boxes. The shoes have a sense of outdoorsy style about them, with thick polyester webbing that’s lined with a quick-dry material so you never need to worry about uncomfortable dampness. The mesh lining is water-resistant, too, preserving the integrity of the shoe throughout countless camping trips. The sturdy outsole boasts the durability of a much more substantial shoe, while the toe bumper protects you while you’re on the move.


  • Multiple colorways available
  • Thick rubber outsole promotes superior traction
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure


  • Some reviews claim they run small

4. gracosy Waterproof Booties

gracosy waterproof booties

If you’re camping in a cold environment and there’s a chance you may encounter precipitation, a pair of low-profile snow booties makes a smart choice. gracosy Waterproof Booties check all of the boxes where your comfort is concerned. The waterproof uppers make them perfect for wearing around the water, while a plush faux fur lining nestles your foot in constant warmth. The stable outsole is ideal if you plan to do a little bit of walking.


  • Waterproof to handle wet weather
  • Sturdy outsole provides excellent traction
  • Warm and stylish fur lining


  • Low shaft won’t protect if there’s significant snowfall

5. Baffin Cush Women’s Travel Slipper

Baffin Crush Women's Travel Slipper in Black

When space is at a premium, think compact. Baffin Cush shoes are essentially camping slippers that double as proper footwear. They’re heavily insulated, yet so lightweight and flexible that you can easily roll them up and stash them in your backpack without taking up too much valuable room. A practical choice for particularly chilly climates, these plush shoes warm up your feet while locking in place with an easy front tie closure.


  • Fuzzy footbed adds comfort with every step
  • Slip-resistant outsole for greater security
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to roll


  • Nylon upper isn’t ripstop
  • Not ideal for extensive walking

6. MEGNYA Hiking Sandals

MEGNYA Hiking Sandals

Don’t be fooled by MEGNYA Hiking Sandals. While you could theoretically go for a lengthy stroll in them, you don’t want these to be your primary hiking shoes. Instead, think of them as something that offers the best of both worlds: the hyper-durability of your favorite hiking boot coupled with the breathability of a casual camping shoe. The strappy design contributes to their breathability, while the flexible rubber outsole offers substantial support on uneven ground. That’s where the hike-friendly bit comes in, but again, it’s best not to commit these to long-term hikes.


  • Rugged water-resistant upper
  • Non-slip outsole provides safety on all surfaces
  • Easy strap closure for a customizable fit


  • Only useful for short walks, not long treks

7. SKECHERS Cozy Campfire

SKECHERS Cozy Campfire Slippers

“Glamping” is a decidedly more understated approach to outdoor adventure. If you aren’t planning to do much except relax, toast marshmallows, and tell ghost stories, a pair of SKECHERS Cozy Campfire shoes makes an exceptional choice. Boasting a luxurious appearance, these ultra-soft shoes feature a faux shearling lining, a cushioned footbed, and a practical slip-on style. They’re great for camping downtime.


  • Pull-loop for easy wear
  • Plush shearling lining
  • Soft quilted upper


  • Not practical for extensive walks, best for glamping
  • Limited to immediate campsite wear

How to Choose the Right Camping Shoes

The style you select depends largely on where you’re planning to go camping. If you’re headed to a desert environment, for example, you don’t need a pair of waterproof camping shoes. But if you’ll be near the river, it’s essential to purchase a pair made with a material that’s resistant to moisture so they keep your feet dry.

Even the design directly correlates with your plans. Going glamping? Skip the straps and bells and whistles, and stick with a more conforming pair that encases your feet in consistent warmth. Focus more specifically on the quality of the outsole if you plan to spend more time walking. A rugged rubber base is vital for safety purposes, as it will provide stronger ground grip and keep you steady on your feet.

Closing mechanisms range from simple hook-and-loop closures to slip-on/pull-off styles. Both are practical for campsite wear, as they require little fuss. But if you expect you’ll be on the move more often than not, make sure your shoes have some type of secure back or midfoot strap in place.

Which One Is the Best?

The Teva ReEmber Mid is ultimately the winning choice because it offers a bit of everything. They’re relatively stylish, resistant to splashes, and feature a sponge-like cushion that belies the enhanced support they provide. The front and back pulls allow for easy wear, while a plush collar adds some warmth when you need it the most. Whether you’re walking on pebbles or stepping through branches, you don’t have to worry about the rip-resistant fabric losing its integrity.

Crocs Classic Clogs is the runner-up. The classic shoe is known for its outdoor appeal, and it’s more than suitable to wear beyond the backyard. The distinctive holes render it immediately recognizable, but the plush lining in our pick lends it a certain camp-friendly coziness. It’s just right if you need something supportive, but not necessarily something as robust as a pair of hiking boots.