9 Best Shoes for Walking on the Beach (and Keeping Out the Sand)

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Are those shoes made for walking on the beach? You’ll know it the moment that you set foot onto the sand by the way your foot feels as you pad on the plush surface. Do you feel the telltale sensation of gritty bits as they make their way between your toes and under your soles.

Truthfully, any pair of shoes that invites sand inside is just asking for an afternoon of discomfort. Those types of footwear definitely aren’t made for your seaside soirees, and it’s best to avoid them if your primary goal is to feel great all day long. Most of that is already taken care of for you, what with the incredible weather, the beautiful water, and the sound of seagulls soaring overhead.

Why ruin it with anything but a great pair of shoes? As you prepare to find the ultimate pair of beach shoes, keep in mind that there are several important factors to consider, ranging from your own personal comfort level to the type of material to the sorts of activities you plan to enjoy. Need something for surfing? Prefer a more versatile shoe that covers everything? Here are the best shoes for walking on beach.

1. JBU Tiger Mesh Water Ready

JBU Tiger Mesh Water Ready

Best Beach Shoes for Cool Comfort

You’re at the beach, feeling the heat beat down on your skin, and wishing you had on something other than a pair of flip-flops. While those are absolutely essential in their own right, a pair of JBU Tiger Mesh Water Ready shoes is a must if you have any plans to venture near the water. They’re designed with key features that set them apart.

  • Microban® antimicrobial treatment to minimize odors
  • Synthetic and textile upper offers flexibility
  • Leather lining and insole provides comfort
  • Cooler and drier feel thanks to its flexible design

What We Liked

  • Multiple color options for fashion and function
  • Effortless on and off with a stretchy feel
  • Timeless design that goes with everything

2. SUOKENI Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes

Best Beach Shoes for Quick Drying

If there’s one thing that can make walking on the beach and boardwalk a drag, it’s the sensation of a heavy weight being dragged beneath you. Nope, it’s not your kid begging for another 10 minutes in the water — it’s your waterlogged shoes, causing your toes to squirm and your feet to feel the burn. Enter SUOKENI Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes, which are designed to combat the wet stuff while adding a little oomph to your oceanside wardrobe.

  • Extra soft texture courtesy of 90% fabric construction
  • Elasticized sole for enhanced comfort
  • Slip-resistant outsole promotes safety off the sand
  • Enhanced toe cap for superior coverage

What We Liked

  • Available in dozens of bright and neutral color options
  • Especially stretchy upper offers complete comfort
  • Versatile enough to wear in and out of the water

3. Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua

Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua

Best Beach Shoes for Multiple Surfaces

Who’s to say you’ll spend the entire day in the water? While that sounds like a dream, it’s more likely you’ll venture onto dry land at least once or twice. A stroll on the sand, the boardwalk, or the pavement calls for footwear you can wear both in and out of the water. Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua shoes are legendary in their own right: many know them at a glance, but even those who aren’t familiar with the brand will be instantly drawn to the unusual toe-hugging silhouette. Ideal for water adventurers, they’re perfect for everything from swimming to surfing.

  • Synthetic and textile upper conforms to the foot for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Vegan materials offer sustainability and longevity
  • Hook-and-loop closures promote a superior fit
  • Heel loop ensures quick and easy wear
  • Vibram® Megagrip outsole adheres to the ground for optimal traction and support

What We Liked

  • They feel as comfortable as walking around barefoot
  • Unusual style offers funky fashion and functionality in one
  • Traction creates a sense of security in the water

4. Rykä Hydro Sport

Rykä Hydro Sport

Best Beach Shoes for Water Fitness

At a glance, the Rykä Hydro Sport hybrid water shoe looks like a simple sneaker. It’s definitely that — but it’s the kind of sneaker you won’t mind drenching every now and then. This shoe plays dual roles, allowing you to navigate regular surfaces with ease, yet also performing like a superior water shoe in the ocean. The upper is flexible for enhanced comfort, with hints of synthetic leather at the toes and heels for extra durability.

  • Fast-drying upper for optimal comfort
  • Drainage system prevents wet feet
  • Supportive midfoot cage offers secure support
  • Padded collar and tongue for cozy comfort
  • Button-toggle lacing system for customized fit

What We Liked

  • Impact foam heel insert absorbs shock
  • Thick rubber outsole offers great ground grip on wet surfaces
  • Various color options allow you to make a style statement

5. Speedo Surfwalker Rush Climbing

Best Beach Shoes for a Modern Look

If you don’t love the look of traditional beach footwear and water shoes, the Speedo Surfwalker Rush Climbing shoe may be a stronger option. It bears all of the hallmarks of a superior nautical shoe, including a substantial rubber sole to keep you steady on your feet, a stretchy upper, and an adjustable bungee lace system that allows you to achieve the perfect customized fit. Given that feet can swell at the end of a long day, this is key if you plan to spend several hours near or in the water.

Hydrophobic sandwich mesh upper dries fast for comfort

  • S-TRAC outsole distributes water to minimize wetness and boost performance
  • Thick rubber sole for optimal traction

What We Liked

  • Multiple colorways allow you an easy way to express your style
  • Clean lines contribute to a fresh and contemporary look
  • Easy bungee cord allow for quick adjustments

6. adidas outdoor Terrex Summer.rdy

Best Beach Shoes for Surf Fishing

The beach is a great spot to partake in some surf fishing, especially at sunset when competition is less fierce. But sunset means you also need a pair of shoes you can trust will keep you secure and prevent you from tripping and falling in the darkness. Enter the adidas outdoor Terrex Summer.rdy boat water shoe. It features distinctive details that reflect the beloved sportswear and lifestyle brand well, including the instantly recognizable Three-Stripes along the side and ventilated Climacool technology for comfort with every step in and out of the water.

  • Knit textile and synthetic mesh upper offers flexibility and breathability
  • Thick rubber sole promotes superior ground grip
  • Midsole drainage system ensures quick-dry convenience

What We Liked

  • Classic adidas style contributes to a sporty look
  • Easy pull tab promises easy wear
  • Multiple colorways for a fresh look

7. Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandals

Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandals

Best Beach Shoes for Snorkeling

Comfort. Reliability. Versatility. Is there anything Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandals don’t do? They’re built for superior water performance, something you’ll experience the moment that you set foot inside them. The convenient slip-on style has an easy-to-adjust hook and loop strap, along with secure toe bumpers to prevent ouch moments in the water. Snorkeling and undersea adventures are no match for these tough and durable sandals, which also feature cushioned footbeds and sturdy outsoles

  • Flexible mesh uppers dry quickly
  • Plush lining keeps you comfortable in the water
  • Non-marking outsole grips any surface with ease

What We Liked

  • Extreme comfort thanks to cushioned Croslite™ footbed
  • Lightweight shoe provides the support of more substantial footwear
  • Hook and loop straps stay put for extreme support

8. O’Neill Reactor Reef Boots

O’Neill Reactor Reef Boots

Best Beach Shoes for Scuba Diving

Rocks, shells, and marine life are just a few of the fascinating objects you’ll spot when you’re scuba diving, but your comfort underwater plays a significant role in just how much you enjoy your excursion. Enter O’Neill Reactor Reef Boots, the ultimate in subterranean footwear. The neoprene upper is a durable and highly supportive foam that conforms to the foot. Measuring two millimeters, it’s also thick enough to produce a substantial barrier between your feet and everything in the water.

  • Mesh panels on each side promote drainage to ensure quick drying
  • Textured synthetic outsole offers comfort and flexibility
  • Protective cap safeguards your toes

What We Liked

  • Rugged outsoles offer excellent grip on multiple surfaces
  • Outstanding protection against undersea elements
  • Versatile enough to wear in and out of the water

9. DOUSSPRT water shoes

Best Beach Shoes for Budget Shoppers

For something that provides the same reliable durability as its costly counterparts, consider a pair of DOUSSPRT water shoes. They’re designed to meet your needs no matter what you might be doing in the water: swimming, sailing, playing volleyball, or surfing, to name just a few activities. The sleek style conforms to the foot for a flattering look, while the hyper-stretchy mesh upper flexes easily for extreme comfort with every step on land and every move in the water. Best of all, they’re a great value for the cost.

  • Air mesh upper offers a flexible finish and all-day comfort
  • Quick-dry soles and uppers feature drainage system to usher out moisture
  • Versatile enough to wear in the water and on the sand
  • Lightweight polyester fabric feels airy
  • Sturdy sole provides superior ground grip to prevent slips and falls
  • Elasticized rubber shoelaces promote quick and easy wear

What We Liked

  • A dozen colorways to help you achieve your preferred beach look
  • Easy drainage system keeps you fresh and dry when you step out of the water
  • Replicate the comfort of sneakers and the practicality of beach shoes